About Us

We are happy to announce that we have merged Peachtree Health and Rehab with Optimum Health.

You will see the same familiar faces, and receive the care you have come to trust, we will just have a new name. Our new practice will continue to offer an integrated approach to healing by combining medical and nutritional services with chiropractic and rehab services to assist you with your health goals. We will continue to stay in our same location. We have changed our office hours. Be sure to call 877-704-1761 to schedule your appointment today. We are very thankful for the blessing and the opportunity to have served you with chiropractic care over the years. Thank you for your support, trust, and confidence. Please feel free to also visit our group website  www.optimumhealthrehab.com

Yours in Health,
Michael Wax , DC



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Our Mission: 

Is to help support as many people as possible to achieve optimal health and wellbeing through natural restorative care.


Our Core Beliefs and Approach to Your Care:

We, your team of whole-health specialists, believe that living and experiencing a healthy, happy, vibrant life is each of our birthrights. We believe that the idea that we each just have to “live with” a life of symptoms is a fallacy We know that dis-ease is due to imbalance in the body. We believe in discovering the imbalances and treating the whole you- not just your symptoms, but what caused your symptoms in the first place. It is when we address and correct the underlying root cause of your health challenges that we are able to effectively identify where and how you are out of balance. Once identified, we create a lifestyle system that restores the balance in your body, your health and your life so that you can truly live more fully the life you are here meant to live. Our office is devoted to supporting YOU and together we form a partnership to move you out of the challenges that you have been in and into the health that you want, desire and deserve to be experiencing. We look forward to the opportunity to support you.


glacier picHow We Are Different: 

Instead of looking at and treating health problems as isolated diseases, we treat the person that is experiencing bodily symptoms, imbalances and dysfunctions. You are not a piece or a part but rather a comprehensive whole humanistic being.  We assess YOU to get to the root cause of your health imbalance or crisis so that we may effectively and comprehensively support your body in health and healing.

As the following graphic of an iceberg shows, a named disease such as Peripheral Neuropathy, Thyroid, Digestive Dysfunction, obesity, diabetes, cancer or fibromyalgia might be visible above the surface, but the cause lies in the altered physiology below the surface.

Almost always, the cause of the disease and its symptoms is an underlying dysfunction and/or an imbalance of bodily systems.

Named diseases are just the tip of the iceberg while the true causes of your health problems lie beneath the surface,  When standard health care treats just the tip of the iceberg, it rarely leads to long-term relief and vibrancy. Identifying and treating the underlying root cause or causes has a much better chance to successfully resolve a patient’s health challenge.

At PHR we use scientific principles, advanced diagnostic testing and treatments other than drugs or surgery, to help restore and rebalance your body and it’s primary physiological processes.  As balance is achieved and function is restored you reclaim your body, your health and your life!


Our Approach to your CARE:

We take a comprehensive natural approach to your health care.  We understand that you are more than an ache or a pain, a condition or complaint.  You are a dynamic human being comprised of many systems and functions all occurring and impacting one another simultaneously. This is why we are dedicated to treating YOU.  Our integrative system of care will fully assess and custom create a care plan that is unique to your healthcare goals and needs in achieving optimal results.

Path to Delivering Care:

We integrate the best of physical and functional medicine delivered uniquely to each patients need based on a 3 phase system of care.  Often when a patient comes to us, they are already in an active stage of dis-ease.  We immediately go to work in fully assessing the severity of each case so that we may safely and effectively put our patients back on the road to health that is specific to them.

Phase 1: Reduce & Remove the stress on the body.  During this phase, we will determine what areas of your health have the greatest compromise. As assessed, we will support you with care that will reduce and eliminate the health burdens that had been keeping you in a state of dis-ease.  Think of this like putting out the fires within your health.

Phase 2: Restore & Rebuild a healthy foundation of form and function in the body.  Once the fire is out, we begin to rebuild your health, system by system so that you can sustain long term health and well-being.

Phase 3: Revitalize & Optimize your body.  This moves you beyond a place of surviving and into the land of truly thriving.  It is not enough to just rebuild, but what about the special features?  Think of this phase as the point in your health journey where we fine tune YOU for long term optimal results.